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Wish you a  very Happy Ekadashi!!! On this auspisious day of Ekadashi I thought to write my first post to on best thing to do in our life. Continue reading to find out what I mean.

Hare krishna

I wonder people never ask themselves, what would be the best thing to do in this world? Well, they have answer to be successful in their life in terms of money, career, wealth that’s what people in general think to be the best thing they can do. The more they achieve material benefits and become more materially successful the more they suffer but to maintain and run the show they can not give up rather keep on building/progressing on the path of material advancement. It’s like when you get stuck in muddy puddle and try to save yourself the more you try to push yourself out of it the more you go deeper into it and stuck in it. This is real time when a person should search for real person who can save you from muddy puddle. Who can save you in such situation, one who is not stuck in muddy puddle. So there is real necessity of searching for Bonafide spiritual master who can save from threefold of material miseries (I will write a separate post on threefold miseries).

Whatever we can think based on our knowledge is limited based on our understanding, knowledge, experience but in reality that is not ultimate or the best thing. So this is matter of research to explore what is the truth, of course not all people wanted or interested to know what is the ultimate truth of this life or what is the best thing I can do in life but one who is keen to search this truth lord Krsna (Parmatma sitting in individual heart) shows path to individual souls to meet to a Bonafide spiritual master. Bonafied spiritual master (Guru) is one who is represent supreme lord and shows us path towards him as how to reach to him which is the best thing we can do in our life. Process of devotional service can be only learnt by Guru through which door of real knowledge of Bhakti opens to us and then only we can be in our real consciousness.

The great acharya/representatives of lord descends to material world to teach to the people who enquire about goal of life and one who take shelter of such liberated souls understand life in real and meaning of it and utilise it right/authorised way and never waste it for material advancement rather for spiritual and achieve the highest benediction of attaining Godhead.

Chant Hare krishna!!! And be happy!!!

Chant Hare Krishna!

Chant Hare Krishna!


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