Bulls and Cows are our father and mother – Need to be treated specially

Everyone can understand that we drink the milk of cows and take the help of bulls in producing agricultural products. Therefore, since our real father gives us food grains and our mother gives us milk with which to live, the cow and bull are considered our father andLord Krishna with Cows mother. According to Vedic civilization, there are seven mothers, of which the cow is one.

ātma-mātā guroḥ patnī
brāhmaṇī rāja-patnikā
dhenur dhātrī tathā pṛthvī
saptaitā mātaraḥ smṛtāḥ

These mothers are the original mother, the wife of the teacher or spiritual master, the wife of a brāhmaṇa, the king’s wife, the cow, the nurse and the earth.

Surabhi is the name of the cows which exist in the spiritual planets and are especially reared by Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa Himself. Lord Krishna loves cows and a great protector hence his name is also Govinda (One who gives pleasures to Cows)/Gopala (One who protect cows) out of unlimited names. As men are made after the form and features of the Supreme Lord, so also the cows are made after the form and features of the surabhi cows in the spiritual kingdom. In the material world the human society gives all protection to the human being, but there is no law to protect the descendants of Surabhi, who can give all protection to men by supplying the miracle food, milk.

The protection of the lives of both the human beings and the animals is the first and foremost duty of a government. A government must not discriminate in such principles.

Protection of bulls and cows and all other animals can be possible only when there is a state ruled by pious/God conscious king/ruler.  Prajā Citizens means one who has taken birth in the state, and this includes both men and animals. Any living being who takes birth in a state has the primary right to live under the protection of the king. The jungle animals are also subject to the king, and they also have a right to live. So what to speak of domestic animals like the cows and bulls.

Even scientifically Cows and bulls are very pure and each and everything of their body parts are utilised for human society benefits even after their natural death or in lifetime, right from Cow dung to urine, skin, bones. I am not elaborating more on how these things are useful but these things are used commonly in rural India as well as Ayurvedic medicine so the human society should recognize the importance of the cow and the bull and thus give all protection to these important animals.

Your comments/views are welcome! Hare krishna!!!

Cow, calf

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